Episode 31 – North by Northwest

10 09 2008

This week’s show:

We start by bashing the pick for VP by the McCain camp – Sarah Palin, and her wacky views on abstinence only education. We also talk about John McCain and his strange discussion with union workers. We run through the RIAA and the silly policy of having schools as enforcers.

We review North by Northwest. Tom and Cecil find it to be one of the most boring films ever made. Tom rates it .075 and Cecil gives it a .25, both call it unwatchably bad.

We finish the show by talking about the moon landing hoax nutters and the great episode of Mythbusters where they demolish the controversy.

We abort the Critical Reinterpretation. If you want to hear more reinterpretations, send us an e-mail and let us know.




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