17 03 2011

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Toy Story 3, Up in The Air (Short review of Black Swan and 127 Hours)

4 03 2011

This week’s Show:

We talk about unrest in the Middle East and Wisconsin.

Bill O’Reilly and his odd tides statement, and surgery vs. naturopathic medicine. Tom rants and raves about Black Swan and 127 days. We both like Up in the Air, Tom gives it a 3.5, Cecil gives it a 3.8. Tom loves Toy Story 3 giving it a 4.6, Cecil gives it a 2.5.

Next Time: Inception and The Last Airbender.

Your Choices (pick 2)
Despicable Me
The A-Team
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Bottle Rocket, The Fall

25 01 2011

This Week’s Show:

We talk about the shootings in AZ, The Pharmacist that denied bleeding medication to a woman because she suspected she had an abortion, the war on drugs and how they handle it in Amsterdam,this anti- atheist billboard.  and the rebuttal

We watched the Fall and Bottle Rocket. Tom Thinks The Fall was a little confusing and gives it a 2.5, Cecil likes it and gives it a 3.6. Tom loves everything Wes Anderson giving Bottle Rocket a 3.8, Cecil hates it and gives it .25.

Two movies are the way to go. We are watching Up In the Air and Toy Story 3

Next time vote for TWO:

1. Inception

2. How to Train Your Dragon

3. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

4. Knight and Day

5. Last Airbender


Also Free Ham sent this in. Hi-Larious:


Listen to the show:

Mad Max, The Road

13 01 2011

This week’s show:


We talk about the 9/11 health bill, the mother who tried to use prayer to cure her son with diabetes, another priest caught doing bad things, and the inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning. We review The Road and Mad Max, Tom loves the road giving it a 4.75, Cecil gives it a little less at a  3.82, Tom and Cecil both give Mad Max poor scores, a 0 and .0001 respectively. We finish the show with a voice mail and decide what we are watching next (we did this before a lot of votes came in.) Bottle Rocket and The Fall for next time.

Your choices:

1. Crazy Heart

2. Toy Story 3

3. Up In the Air

4. The Blind Side

5. Shutter Island

The Visitor, Withnail and I

21 12 2010

This week’s show:

Glenn beck get’s pwnt on CNN.

Dont ask, don’t tell is repealed, dream act fails. We also talk about wikileaks, and the extension of tax cuts.

We review the Visitor and Withnail and I. Tom and Cecil both think The Visitor is a powerful film and give it a 4.5 and a 4.2 respectively. Cecil and Tom also liked Withnail and I but not as much giving it a 3.25 and a 3.0.

We talk about being fundamentalist atheists and cover some e-mail to wrap up the show. We also want to help Andy 3.0 decide if this is Justin Beber or Hillary Swank:

Next time we watch The Road and Mad Max.

Vote for two:

1. Mystery Men

2. Kick Ass

3. The Fall

4. Bottlerocket

Local Hero and Avatar

29 11 2010

We know, we know. We said we would do “No Escape,” and when we get that copy from Ray Liotta, we will. Until then:

This weeks show:

We talk about the best signs at the restoring sanity rally. How the Westboro Baptist Church got pwnt, twice. We also discuss the TSA bodscanners.

We also talk about perspective

Our rants and raves: Tom rants about Megamind, and raves about the book Denialism by Michael Specter, and Cecil raves about “A History of the World in 100 Objects.”

We review Local Hero and Avatar, Local Hero is lost on both of us. Tom gives it a 0.0 and Cecil gives it a 1.0. Tom gives Avatar 1.0 for the graphics and Cecil gives it a 1.5 for the same reason.

We go over the comments and emails.

Next time we watch Withnail and I, and the Visitor.

Vote for your choice of 2 for “The Road Trip”



  1. The Road
  2. Smoke Signals
  3. The Blues Brothers
  4. Mad Max


American History X and Repo Men

13 10 2010

This week’s Show:

We start out talking about the Rutgers student who took his own life because he was being bullied. We play a clip of Dan Savage in a you Tube Video, Here is the whole video:

We talk about the “Tyranny of the Left” and other nonsense and finish the segment with this parody add of Christine O’Donnell

We Rant about the MPAA and Hatchet II , we Rave about The Colony.

Tom and Cecil have fond memories of American History X, but the movie does not hold up. Both give it a low rating. Repo Men does no better, getting a .5 from both.

Next time:

Local Hero, No Escape, Jaws

Vote for 2 of these for flatmates:

1. Odd Couple

2. Withnail and I

3. Did You Hear About the Morgans

4. The Visitor

5. Happy go Lucky

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